Ancestry’s digital brand was ready for an update. While incredibly successful with older users, they needed to connect with a younger, newer audience. Unseen Powers were tapped to make that happen.

The basics

Working with the software team, we started with the usual suspects: colors, typography and iconography. But we took this refresh much further with a complete re-do of their mobile apps. We also created a new illustration of the famous Ancestry “shaky leaf” and the core family tree experience.

User Interface standards

This is a small set of the enormous UI library we designed with the software team. We built hundreds of components in a range of sizes for desktop and mobile. They are still being used today.

mobile apps

We redesigned the core experience in their mobile apps, bringing ease-of-use, brighter colors, and more engaging content. Personal storytelling became the heart of the work we did on this project.

Screenshots of mobile app designs

the family tree

Our refresh of the core experience really came alive on the desktop. This is where we had full definition to tell the story that was hidden in the records of peoples’ family history.

Screenshot of a family tree person detail page.

thank you

None of this work was possible without the efforts of our fantastic friends and colleagues: John Dilworth, Chris Adams, Josh Calloway, Hui Zheng, Josh Penrod and many others.