If we hadn’t used it ourselves, we would scarcely have believed that this thing is the real deal. We were hired to bring a brand-new pain-relief product to market. So how do you explain something new and amazing and get crowdfunding behind it? You get Unseen Powers.

the identity

We started with the name. Buried in the Indo-European dictionary, we found the root word “Kailo” which means “whole, uninjured, of good omen.” That made the rest of the brand development easy. We designed a logo and a core pattern that would be used in branding and on the product. And we used the product itself (which has gold nano capacitors) as the starting point for our new color scheme.

promo video

We wrote the script for this video and shot it with real people, not just actors. This presentation, along with the detailed intro on Indiegogo; helped to propel it to one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever. It was fully funded in 143 minutes and raised $742,806 in funding from 6k+ backers.

the campaign

As part of the campaign, we seeded the initial group of funders with a pre-order page that allowed us to start building our audience. By the time the campaign went live, it was already an assured success.

Thank you

This was very much a team effort. Special thanks to Jared Fitch, Craig Hobson, Parker Wightman, and Mitch Weight. Truly the best team anyone can have the pleasure of working with.