Midway City

Midway is a Utah city that is both a small, rural, close-knit town as well as a weekend vacation getaway for Utah residents. We designed a brand that gives a friendly nod to their Swiss heritage while looking to a more modern future.

the elements

In addition to the identity design, we picked colors, patterns (based on traditional Swiss cross-stitch), typefaces and a slew of design guides. We also set the city up with templates, email signatures and much more. This is a top-down redo of the whole brand identity.

designed to print

Some examples of the many printed items we crafted for the city. We also set them up with specialized software to help them be self-sufficient as their needs change.


The Midway brand system doesn’t stop at the doors of city hall. We also designed new street signs and city truck wraps to complete the upgrade.


This is an initial proof of concept for the city website which is currently under development.