RubySnap makes the best cookies we’ve ever tasted. But when we met them, their sense of what works on your palette hadn’t yet translated to their brand. Together, we built a lasting partnership and a cult following.


Can a small boutique grow into a national grocery store brand without losing what makes it special?


A strategic rebrand. Renaming, logo, website, graphic foundation, photography and packaging. A small cookie bakery grows up and out and manages to get even more personal as people take it home.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Branding & Identity System Design
Web Design and Development

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made from scratch

When the company ran into legal issues with Pillsbury over their old name (My Dough Girl), we helped them restart with a new name that was completely unique. Then we reached out to John Downer—a legendary sign painter—to hand-paint a new logo for it. RubySnap was born and with it, a new palette, a new style, custom patterns and a whole new attitude.

social butterfly

Part of the branding was coming up with a graphic vernacular to help guide RubySnap's internal team as they took over the project long term. Instead of a rule book, Unseen Powers created a large library of examples that proved to be a better guide.


What started as a one-store operation has grown into a nation-wide presence in the frozen grocery aisle. Even though RubySnap is a small operation, there’s nothing small about the bold packaging we collaborated on. This is how you compete in a crowded market.

graphic lego blocks

A critical part of the visual vernacular of RubySnap is a suite of retro-styled graphics with a sassy attitude. We use them as a pattern, on merchandise, in signage and everywhere else. “Sweet Mercy” has become the new official slogan of the brand.

digital design

We’ve worked closely with RubySnap to write copy, capture photography and finally develop the core experience of the website. Built on Shopify, it’s optimized for mobile-first and makes it easy to ship, pickup or place an order for delivery.