Salt Lake Shred

Utah hadn't had a professional ultimate frisbee team in the state for many years. When my client decided to start a new team, they wanted to make a bold splash. They employed Unseen Powers to make that happen.

The basics

We tried a number of approaches and landed on a mark with multiple layers of meaning. It's an upper case letter "S." But it's also a "shredded" frisbee (disk) as well as an image of the sun setting on the Great Salt Lake. It's a modern and unconventional approach for a sports team. But that's just how this innovative team wanted it.

player jerseys

We brought the new identity to bear in a graphic in-your-face approach that stands out in a sea of mediocrity. The team needed multiple versions for light, dark, home and away games as well as long and short sleeve. We were able to give them a set of designs that work as a team.

Social media style

Like a number of our clients, we wanted to convey the brand strongly in all channels. Giving them a set of layouts as inspiration can help them keep a cohesive but dynamic look on social media.


As part of the process, we also designed a color-matched mascot design that complements the brand. The "Utahraptor" is the official state dinosaur of Utah and so it seemed an appropriate mascot for a team called "Shred."