Vivint solar

Vivint Solar needed to stand out in a very crowded residential market. To do this, we developed a consumer brand called "GO" that put a friendlier face on what is essentially a utility company. Is it possible to create a lifestyle brand for a utility company? Absolutely.

go, fight, win.

The GO brand needed to feel exciting, fresh and happy. We paired modern typography and bold, complementary colors with natural materials like walnut and watercolor swashes. Together, these elements provided a perfect eco-friendly, consumer-targeted balance.

app design

We worked with the software group to bring the new branding into the app that customers use to track their install process.


As part of our branding effort, we raised the level of community outreach by vinyl wrapping a coach bus and bringing it to local Utah events. We had SunBus sightings, giveaways, onboard parties and more.

the website

We designed and developed a brand-new website for the GO brand. As part of it, we did art direction on a custom photo shoot to get better results for our design. The new design felt friendlier and more familiar to customers.

thank you

Big thanks to Jared Fitch who was leading the marketing group at the time. He is responsible for the fantastic GO logo and as a partner on everything else you see here.